Saturday Stargate Shows
The winners will open the Saturday Night Showcase

Saturday Stargate Shows

Apply today with details about your team. The performers pass for the performers in the Stargate Shows is £99 per person and needs to be paid 7 days after the registration of your team. If you do not pay within the stated time, we will pass your spot to the next team – only teams who have paid will have a confirmed spot. We take the teams in the order of the application and payment. Teams taking part need to be available on Saturday 30th April 2022 at 1pm.

Please note that we do not accept solo shows for the Stargate program – you need to dance at least as a couple.

To enter, send email to with the information listed below:

Name of performing team:

Name of team leader:

How many members in the team:


Style Of dance:



Phone number:

When purchasing your pass via eventbrite, please include the name of your team when listing your name. Example:  John (Pexava) Smith


What The Dancers Say

This is a short description elaborating the feelings from some of the attendees.​

"Back from MamboCity to London city. What an amazing Congress! Huge respect and thank you to Jean and Robert White for the event! It was of great quality (appreciated by Eddie Torres himself!). Thank you for bringing amazing teachers, performers and just beautiful people together and creating the atmosphere which felt so good! It was your 11th and my first but definitely not the last one! You gave us a boost for the whole year!"
Elena Sidorochkina

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"Thank you Jean White & Robert White for an excellent congress. Great atmosphere, some spectacular performances, fantastic workshops, fabulous dances and opportunities to hang out with good friends. So many special moments! But one of the main highlights for me was Albert Torres' workshop – and chatting with the man himself. His 'History of Salsa' seminar brought salsa / mambo to life & gave it a resonance that's too often lost on the dance floor in the pursuit of multiple turn patterns & styling. At times funny, sad, insightful but always entertaining, Albert's walk through history helped me understand why I fell in love with salsa /mambo. Muchas Gracias @Señor Torres - and, to Adolfo Indacochea for keeping the 'flame' alive."
Adrienne Lewis
"Awesome congress so far in every way and can't wait for tonight's shows. Thought I would say massive thank you Robert White, Jean White and all the team performers and teachers now as I'm going to be a total zombie tomorrow!!! THANK You ALL xx."
Tracie Gooch

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