Weekend Programme

Workshops, Parties & Shows

We will have parties running in up to 5 rooms.
If you have purchased a party pass, we will have party rooms open from 9pm Saturday/Sunday.

See the timeline for parties below.

The dress code all weekend is “Dress 2 Impress”.

The Weekend


Each workshop has a duration of 50 minutes. Progressive workshops will be for 1 hour and 50 minutes. Workshops On2, On1, Son, Afro Cuban, Bachata and Kizomba.

Entertainment & Workshops

We have a line up of teachers and performers representing the dance styles of their countries, plus DJs and host “Rohan Brown” to keep you entertained over the weekend.


The Stargate programme gives couples and teams the opportunity to show their talent to a wide international audience. The Stargate performers perform on Friday/Sunday

Early Booking

Early booking will give you the benefit of early discount and the ability to make a deposit and pay in two stages. Save up to £83 per person by booking early, Full Weekend pass price on the day £180, early-bird price £97, a deposit freezes the price.


Marathon Social Dance pass, Over 38 hours of social dance:
Friday 4pm - 7pm - 3 Hours 9pm - 6am
9 Hours (up to 4 rooms)
Saturday - 3pm - 7pm 4 Hours 9pm - 6am
9 Hours ( up to 4 rooms)
Sunday - 3pm - 7pm / 4 Hours 9pm - 6am
9 Hours (up to 4 rooms)

Customer Care

We look after our guests and pay attention to the little things like having water stations available throughout the day and evenings, free of charge.


Classes, Parties, & Shows

16:00 Afternoon Social in Atrium

20:00 Newbury Room- Workshops

21:00 Royal Room – Cuban/Salsa Romantica

21:00 Connaught Room – Workshop – Kizomba Party

21:00 Newbury Room – Workshop – Bachata Party

23:00 Commonwealth  Mambo (Palladium/Fania/Romantica)

All parties until breakfast


Classes, Parties, & Shows

Workshops from 11:00 to 17:00

15:00 Atrium – Afternoon Social

17:00 County Room Shows

21:00 Royal Room – Cuban/Salsa Romantica

21:00 Connaught Room – Kizomba

21:00 Newbury Room – Bachata

21:00 Commonwealth  Mambo (Palladium/Fania/Romantica)

All parties until breakfast


Classes, Parties, & Shows

Workshops from 11:00 to 18:00

15:00 Atrium – Afternoon Social

18:00 County Room Shows

21:00 Royal Room – Cuban/Salsa Romantica

21:00 Connaught Room – Kizomba

21:00 Newbury Room – Bachata

21:00 Commonwealth  Mambo (Palladium/Fania/Romantica)

All parties until breakfast


Over 60 hours of workshops with some amazing instructors. Some of the workshops will be taught with the aid of live musicians. Click programme to enlarge

Saturday Stargate Shows
"Dancer now a part of the Showcase"

Apply today with details about your team. The performers pass for the performers in the Stargate Shows is £99 per person and needs to be paid 7 days after the registration of your team. If you do not pay within the stated time, we will pass your spot to the next team – only teams who have paid will have a confirmed spot. We take the teams in the order of the application and payment. Teams taking part need to be available on Friday 28th April 2023 at 8pm.

Please note that we do not accept solo shows for the Stargate program – you need to dance at least as a couple.

To enter, send email to salsa@mambocity.co.uk with the information listed below:

Name of performing team:

Name of team leader:

How many members in the team:


Style Of dance:



Phone number:

When purchasing your pass via eventbrite, please include the name of your team when listing your name. Example:  John (MamboCity) Smith


What The Dancers Say

This is a short description elaborating the feelings from some of the attendees.​

"Back from MamboCity to London city. What an amazing Congress! Huge respect and thank you to Jean and Robert White for the event! It was of great quality (appreciated by Eddie Torres himself!). Thank you for bringing amazing teachers, performers and just beautiful people together and creating the atmosphere which felt so good! It was your 11th and my first but definitely not the last one! You gave us a boost for the whole year!"
Elena Sidorochkina (5th May 2014)
"Wow what an awsome London Mambocity 5 star congress. I had so much fun. First of all I wanna thank the best roomies Gaynell Kromoidjojo and Ayca Kurt we had so much much fun having dinner, bustrip and traveling but especially trying to explain how to leave a church on time.. And ofcourse all the ladies and Hooman Paknahad for those lovely dances. All dances I had were amazing and unique. Such high lvl of social dancing not much time for cooldown breaks it was like heaven thank you ladies you are all amazing. Also all the dj's for playing those great tracks. Thank you Robert White and Jean White for making this all possible. For now I feel fit already. Just got pain in my neck because I wanted to cooldown ouside but stayed to long I gues. But I mainly suffer from PSCD http://mirror.uncyc.org/wiki/Post_salsa_congress_depression It all went to fast I did not had enough time to catch up with everyone or dance with everyone another reason to come back next year and to plan next congresses/festival Any suggestions?
Edwin Nijon (Netherlands 6th May 2015)
"God I have missed this event Jean White and Robert White. My tentative return to Salsa and Kizomba dance which I envisage focussing more on the social side of things than the dancing…. The 5.00pm showtime is innovative and I’m looking forward to seeing and supporting the creativity out there. 👌🏾💃🏼🥂🥂🍴🥂"
Lana Mitchell (18th April 2022)

Get In Touch

"Thank You! Robert White and Jean White for an absolutely wonderful weekend! 👏🏾🎊🏆💃🏾🎈 It was all I hoped for from a total congress experience, and more. Loved the workshops I managed to attend, had a fabulous half hour at the afternoon social, enjoyed the evening shows - and, danced more at the evening socials than in previous years. The atmosphere in the Commonwealth Room this year was consistently fantastic, in my view. The energy / vibe and dancing was so excellent everyw… See more — feeling fantastic."
Adrienne Lewis (8th May 2018)
"Awesome congress so far in every way and can't wait for tonight's shows. Thought I would say massive thank you Robert White, Jean White and all the team performers and teachers now as I'm going to be a total zombie tomorrow!!! THANK You ALL xx."
Tracie Gooch (4th May 2014)
Again back from a great weekend at the Mambocity 5 Star Congress in London. It was again an amazing experience and a blast of a weekend ! Everyone who was not there definetly missed something. Thank you Robert White and Jean White for organizing this event. Eddie Torres found the right words you´re doing it right !!
Thomas Kloihofer (Austria 5th May 2014)
Thank you Jean White and Robert White 🤗 for the amazing ARTISTS that you bring to this congress like la maestra Luanda Pau Baquero 🔥(love you!) Always delivering A1 class for men and Women SON/AFRO!!! - Back to the roots of SALSA: AFRO CUBAN ROOTS ,💕🇨🇺 I LOVE RUMBA AND ORISHAS ❤🙏
Vivendi Dance Collective (Netherlands 8th May 2018)

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